Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mercredi des «Maillots de Bain 1 Pièce»: Estelle Lefébure et Laetitia Casta

A pair of French filles have their birthday Friday.

Estelle Lefebure turns 46. This photo from 1988 is probably one of my favorites in swimsuit issue history.
It’s so warm and sleek. It had permanent residence on my wall when I was in junior high.

And Laetitia Casta turns 34. In 2000, she took us on a retro tour of swimsuit history, including suits from the 20s:
…the 40s:
…and the 50s:
Laetitia Casta is so French, she was chosen to portray Marianne, the voluptuous emblem of France, in bust form.
Second place? Estelle Hallyday, née Lefebure.

Joyeux anniversaire.

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