Monday, June 5, 2017

Nothing Could Be Finer Than To See Some Carol/Myla

Well, I just can't stop finding new appearances by SI models in Playboy and Lui.

Carol Alt did Playboy in December 2008, post-SI.

(Cover bunny location: bikini bottom)

• • •

And Myla Dalbesio did Lui in December 2014, pre-SI

And just for good measure, here's Myla giving me a heart attack in Galore magazine's 2014 calendar.

And yes, if you want full frontal, it's here for you.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Love New Pics In June, How About You?

I think I have to decide if I’m actually writing this blog again or if I’m just popping in to comment on the 2017 issue, which has now been out for three and a half months.

Anyway, it’s been a week of swimsuit news. Heidi Klum has a new book of nudes that I probably won’t buy for $134.

Though honestly, I’m kind of tempted. If it were in the price range of the hardcover books that SI Swimsuit puts out from time to time, I might just pony up for it. Seems like kind of an event.

• • •

Also, SI Swim is creating its own line of swimwear.

That page includes a little video featuring Julie Henderson talking about her bikini, which is kind of music to my ears.

• • •

And finally, SI has released an avalanche of new, large photos from 2017. They’re in multiple batches: Fiji, Mexico, Curaçao, and Sumba Island.

These aren’t leftovers. I prefer a lot of these to a lot from the “official” release back in February.

This pic of Hannah Ferguson is worth the price of admission.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Scanti-Lui Clad, Part Deux: Eye-Full Tower

In France, everyone takes the summer off work and drinks wine and eats pork and chocolate all day. Plus, they get Lui, a Gallic version of Playboy that regularly attracts Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Part two of my survey:

Naomi Campbell is downright regal in October 2015:

• • •

Monica Bellucci stays pretty covered up but looks beautiful in November 2015:

• • •
March of 2016: Lily Aldridge.

Lily + red one-piece + high heels = perfection.

• • •

In April of 2016, less than a year before her rookie appearance in SI, Vita Sidorkina showed up for a butt-tacular photoshoot:

• • •

In December of 2016, Barbara Palvin had a pretty and feminine calendar shoot:

• • •

And finally, a couple appearances that hold a special place in my heart. Carolyn Murphy (Holiday 2015):

…and Hilary Rhoda (December 2016):

…who are both clearly trying to kill me.

Vive la différence.

Scanti-Lui Clad

So France recently had a better election than we did.

I think they also have a better girlie magazine of record.

Lui was founded to be France’s answer to Playboy. They’ve attracted a bevy of A-listers to disrobe, including quite a few girls who had been in SI or soon would be.

The earliest SI girl I could find was my very own Stacey Williams. Her December 1990 issue came out over a year before her Sports Illustrated debut.

No nudity, but some beautiful black and white pics of her getting tattoos on some of my favorite parts of her.

I have a feeling these are fake tattoos, because I don’t think I ever saw one in her subsequent SI photos. However, if you like butt tattoos…

• • •

…the first Lui issue after a long hiatus (September 2013) brought us Isabeli Fontana with a papillon on her derriere.

Longtime readers may recognize some of these June 2014 shots from when I confused Isabeli with Izabel a couple years ago. But for completist’s sake, they are worth revisiting here.

Refresher: This is Isabeli Fontana.

This is Izabel Goulart.

Isabeli and Lui must have quite a crush on each other, as she also makes appearances in July of 2014:

…December/January of 2015-2016:

…and September of 2016:

• • •

The July/August 2014 issue was a cornucopia of my favorite recent swimsuit issue girls. It brought us Emily DiDonato:

…Sara Sampaio:

…and Lais Ribiero:

Lais also shows up in September 2016:

• • •

Laetitia Casta does what she does best in December/January of 2014/2015: represent France and look hot doing it.