Tuesday, August 27, 2013

White Topless Tuesday: Kathy Ireland, 1984

Trust me, what little material there is, is white.

On June 2, 2017, I received notice from Blogger that this post had been taken down due to a copyright complaint.

So I've removed the photo.

Instead I will provide this link to an SI site where you can see it. I will also describe it lovingly:

A young, glorious Kathy Ireland stands on the beach, the ocean foaming behind her. She gazes with a dirty-minded sweetness at you, the viewer, and she holds her left pinky coquettishly up to her parted lips.

Her only garment is a trifling, high-cut, white, frilly, lacy bikini bottom that stands out like a beacon against her tan skin. It seems to flow in the breeze.

Where is her top? It takes you a few moments to find it, since there is so much beauty to distract you. But there it is. She holds it in her right hand, tucked away under her left arm.


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