Monday, August 5, 2013

Shock and Bra

So the much-anticipated collaboration between sex-entities Irina Shayk, Penelope Cruz, and Agent Provocateur has dropped.
It’s a heartwarming story about how you don’t need magic panty-glasses; the true love of your life was writhing in front of you in her lingerie the whole time.


Max Headroom said...

I love how a little class can make a woman a thousand times more attractive. I'm not a fan of Irina (nothing against her though). But those pics... hi-yah!

Swimsuitologist said...

Ha, I think I know what you mean. I like Irina, but she's a bit of an outlier--there's not really a speck of SI wholesomeness in her. She fills the "dark, dangerous sex fiend" role in the lineup.