Monday, August 19, 2013

Has the Swimsuit Issue Gotten Too Explicit? (2)

Am I the only one who’s a little creeped out by the boobcam?
(And its cousin, the buttcam?)
It might seem odd for someone with an unabashed love of the swimsuit issue to complain about objectification, but that’s the cumulative effect of all these photos of disembodied breasts.
I understand that this practice allows the crew to provide some previews without giving away the models’ identities. But it is possible to do that without serving up the body parts so blatantly. For example: 
Make no mistake, I look at these photos. Heck, I am literally right now sharing some of them on my blog.
And if it was an occasional thing, without the “boobcam” title, I don’t think it would bother me. But the “check out all these breasts” nature makes me uneasy.

I like boobs, but I like them in context.

Maybe it’s just another nudity dichotomy, where the dirty truth is revealed to me—the swimsuit issue is essentially a titty magazine, despite my desire to see it as something more fun and innocent.
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Speaking of previews, the swimsleuths at Bellazon have identified one of the 2014 locations, even providing a local eyewitness report of a Kate Bock sighting.
Add Switzerland to the list of exotic locales to be draped with SI bikini models!

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Max Headroom said...

Well, from a male perspective, I completely agree with you. But I think, as much it's geared towards men, the SI Swimsuit Issue is pretty much a female operation. The editor, MJ Day, is a woman. The models are, of course, women. A lot of the support staff have to be women. They all have boobs and butts. So I guess boobs and butts don't have the impact for them that they have with us.