Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One-Piece Wednesday: Barbara Carrera, 1979

What is it with the conflicting birthday info lately? According to IMDb, Barbara was born on December 31, 1945. But Wikipedia says September 1, 1944.

In any case, she makes a break from this month’s non-SI One-Piece Wednesdays. Here she is in Sports Illustrated, about 36 years ago.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s to a bikiniful (and one-peaceful) 2015.

Last Christmas I Gave You My Hart

They sure love putting SI girls in this backwoods motel, don’t they?

Jessica Hart delivers another highlight of this month’s Advent calendar.

She gives us plenty of stellar moments.

(Including some nice additions to yesterday’s glute tribute.)

Plus, it's another opportunity for my Jessica Hart rediscovery.

Happy New Year, Jess. Glad you’re around.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ass and You Shall Receive

Rebecca Shore at Swim Daily has an entry about the prominence of butts in the titillation of 2014. She illustrates with links to rear-watching from across the interwebs, then with a panoply of SI girls from the 50th Anniversary issue shaking their rumps.

Oh, Rebecca. I hope you enjoy your job.

She’s the lone byline over there at Swim Daily. At first, there were a few guys who posted from time to time, then it became strictly women who posted.

Names like Alyssa Conroy, Brittany Romano, and Nicole Conlan popped up and disappeared, and now it’s just poor Rebecca, sifting through bikini pictures and presenting an avalanche of hot chicks to the straight males who visit.

Unlike the other contributors, she seems to be exclusively Swim Daily. (The other writers have tended to be SI writers or editors in other capacities, but Rebecca’s credits seem to be all bikini content.)

She has a fun, funny, sex-positive voice through all of it. I hope that’s genuine. I suppose it’s possible that she thinks the pictures are sick and exploitative, and that the guys who drool over them are pathetic, and maybe this is a job she has to swallow while holding her nose, and she’ll walk away the second she finds something else to do with her talents.

But I hope she’s sincere—a girl who enjoys the sexiness and silliness of the swimsuit issue even if it’s not aimed directly at her.

It’s worth noting that every editor and assistant editor of the swimsuit issue has been female as well—Jule, Diane, MJ. I think there’s something welcoming and inviting about that.

Speaking for myself, the “permission” from women to enjoy these images is very powerful and joyful. I think if the editors and writers were male, I’d feel a little dirtier and creepier about it. But when there are women grinning and nudging me in the ribs and waggling their eyebrows at all these pretty bikini ladies, it feels more fun and innocent somehow.

In any case: Rebecca, thank you. I hope you get the love you deserve.

Topless Tuesday: Michelle Vawer, 2012

Another girl with conflicting birthday info. Depending on where you look, Michelle was either born on December 30 or January 3.

In any case, let’s celebrate this gorgeous creature with this curious photo:

I don’t know where the shot is from. But if the t-shirt looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same shirt worn (and snipped away) by Jessica Hart in 2009.

And Michelle’s bottom is clearly the same pattern (though a different style) as this bikini she wore in SI in 2012.

Not sure if there’s any direct connection, but two beautiful one-hit wonders seem to be sharing some kind of cosmic bikini connection. A “same suit, different babe” that spans the years.

In any case, Michelle doesn't seem to go topless in any of her SI photos. This one tricked me for a bit:

...but no, she's clearly wearing a top behind those leaves. So here's a photo of her in Gypsy brand lingerie.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Silver Bella

So today’s Advent video star isn’t directly an SI girl, but she’s got a strong SI tie.

Bella Hadid, in certain moments, is a dead ringer for her older(!) sister Gigi.

That’s right, Bella is even younger.

She apparently just turned 18 in October, so, uh, have at her.

Anyone else interested in an all-sister Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? We could have Gigi and Bella Hadid: Jessica and Ashley Hart:

And maybe a throwback to the Sylvander twins.

Let's make this happen.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Irina Angel All Year

Irina Shayk is today’s Advent calendar girl.

She seems to have been spotted by a security camera.

Don’t worry, that clothing comes…



And she treats the guards in the surveillance room to a nice little Boxing Day dance.

This is one of their best videos this year. Maybe the single best.

• • •

UPDATE: A few more photos.