Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Topless Tuesday: Michelle Vawer, 2012

Another girl with conflicting birthday info. Depending on where you look, Michelle was either born on December 30 or January 3.

In any case, let’s celebrate this gorgeous creature with this curious photo:

I don’t know where the shot is from. But if the t-shirt looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same shirt worn (and snipped away) by Jessica Hart in 2009.

And Michelle’s bottom is clearly the same pattern (though a different style) as this bikini she wore in SI in 2012.

Not sure if there’s any direct connection, but two beautiful one-hit wonders seem to be sharing some kind of cosmic bikini connection. A “same suit, different babe” that spans the years.

In any case, Michelle doesn't seem to go topless in any of her SI photos. This one tricked me for a bit:

...but no, she's clearly wearing a top behind those leaves. So here's a photo of her in Gypsy brand lingerie.

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