Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One-Piece Wednesday: Jessica Gomes & Kathy Ireland

“Don’t hate her,” says Rebecca Shore over at Swim Daily, “but Jessica Gomes has declared the one-piece the swimsuit of the moment.”

First of all, the very idea that I could hate Jessica Gomes cuts me to the quick.
“I love that the one-piece is making a comeback. They’re sexier than ever with cut-outs and sheer panelling,” Jessica says.
Second, I am quite in agreement that one-piecers are sexy. Hence the existence of One-Piece Wednesday around these parts. Skimpy is wonderful. But skimpier isn’t necessarily sexier.
These photos accompanied Jessica’s assertion on Australia’s Herald Sun website, where they are celebrating the approach of summer (if you can believe it).

And it’s nicely in line with my current Wednesday theme: SI girls in one-piecers, outside of SI.

This is what I planned to run today. Some beautiful black & white photos of Kathy Ireland, taken in 1986 by photographer Harry Langdon.

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Anonymous said...

I loved Kathy back in those mid-80s days. Her and Elle were so different yet both were the perfect SI girls.