Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One-Piece Wednesday: Elle Macpherson Calendar

I thought I’d try something different for this month’s Wednesdays. I’ll feature some SI girls in one-piece swimsuits from sources other than the swimsuit issue.

These two shots are from Elle’s 1994 swimsuit calendar, which had a place of reverence on my college apartment’s wall. Probably even after 1994 ended.

By the way, that was two decades ago.


Anonymous said...

She really is/was just amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love that that scan has a BBS phone number on it. I had forgotten that so many of the early images that made it onto the web came from bulletin boards. I used to see numbers like that all the time.

Swimsuitologist said...

Haha--Yes, there was a site called "Famous Babes" that, I believe, is long gone now. It was a massive collection of beautiful girl pictures, organized and alphabetized. I think that's where I got that Elle photo.