Friday, December 5, 2014

Erin Water Show

The Mole Patrol at Bellazon seems to have identified another rookie: Erin Heatherton.

She’s a perennial Victoria’s Secret gal with a fresh, freckled face.

(Also, she’s another blonde-n-white chick, which is kind of par for the course I suppose.)

She’s also a Cub fan, who says here that she’ll streak around wearing only body paint if/when the Cubbies win it all. Yet another reason the Cubs are getting interesting.

Another name that’s been bandied about for a 2015 debut is Upton-clone Alexandria Morgan, who is also an avid Cub fan.

By the way, do not confuse prospective rookie Alexandria Morgan with soccer player Alex (Alexandra) Morgan, who donned bodypaint a couple years ago and actual bikinis this year.

And as long as we’re talking Cubs, bodypaint, and swimsuits, I may as well toss Anne up again.

Sorry, I went on a bit of a tangent. Erin, if it is really you, welcome aboard. You look gorgeous.

1 comment:

Max Headroom said...

Erin is someone I could get onboard with. Killer eyes and not too thin.