Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Am I Supposed to Do? NOT Post This?

Kate Upton in the November Vogue.
Kate has more posts on this blog (31, as of this one) than Brooklyn Decker (27), Irina Shayk (25), and Elle Macpherson (24) do. I'm rooting for one of those vets to overtake this young upstart, but Kate is about two years into her Skimpy Outfit Tour with no sign of slowing down. She'll probably be at the top of that list for a while.

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Publicola said...

I think Kate's success comes from that she's nubile and healthy. When she came on the scene, the first thing I noticed about her was that she was still making the transition from girl to woman. She had curves, but still didn't a woman's tone. I don't know about her popularity to come. But I'm interested in seeing how much Kate's body changes even in the next year or two.