Friday, December 21, 2012

Covers of Covers

A sharp-eyed, anonymous commenter pointed something out to me yesterday, something I failed to see despite it being directly in front of me. For the 50th swimsuit issue, SI must be recreating some iconic covers, using current models and bodypaint.

Looks like we’re getting Babette March (1964):
Tannia Rubiano (1971):
…and Tyra and Valeria (1996):
I think it’s a great idea—a celebration of the history of the issue, mixed in with the relatively recent bodypainting tradition and some current favorite models.

Tyra’s 1997 cover and Daniela’s 1995 cover have already been impersonated by Marisa. What other covers would you like to see? Who’s our generation’s Paulina?
What current models would they cast as the 1994 threesome?
This feature seems like something that should be a surprise, not to be revealed until February of 2013. I wonder if MJ Day and company accidentally released more clues than they were supposed to?

In any case, I just got a jolt of excitement about the 2013 issue. Just a couple months to wait.

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