Monday, January 7, 2013

Yes, THAT Erin Gray

She’s much more famous as the lovely Colonel Wilma Deering in the “Buck Rogers” TV show from the 70s. I never watched a single episode of that show, so I mainly know her character for her rainbow of spandex jumpsuits.
But before that, she was a two-time SI model, appearing in 1967 and 1969. Here she is in the latter issue.
This interview has some choice quotes on her costume.

They wanted it very form-fitting and tight. That’s all I knew. I didn’t’s interesting, because I came from the world of modeling and fashion, so I wasn’t really shocked or uncomfortable about wearing the costume. I’d been one of the original Sports Illustrated models, so my sexuality, showing my body, I was comfortable with that. The thing was, I didn’t mind being on-camera that way, but I couldn’t walk around the studio with my spandex – I always had to wear a bathrobe over it [laughs]!
I’ll never forget, one time I was at home and looking at an episode of Buck Rogers, and there was a moment when I walked away from the camera, so I’m seeing myself from behind – and I blushed. I was thinking that was quite – ahem! [laughs]
I see.
Today is Erin’s 63rd birthday.
Happy travels, space lady.

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