Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stacey Williams: The Lost Episodes

The Tumblr blog Pictures of Stacey Williams recently tossed up a few making-of SI videos, including this one from 1994, which I’m not sure I ever saw before.

There are a lot of suits in this video that never made it to the issue. Including some beautiful One-Piece Wednesday candidates.
It’s so tantalizing and frustrating to know that there’s a stockpile of Stacey photos out there. I really hope there’s a massive Stacey Williams retrospective on Swim Daily someday, with a bunch of never-before-released pics.

Now, there are dozens and dozens of photos of every model. But back in the day, we were limited to the handful of photos in the physical magazine, then a few extra in the following year’s calendar.
And even the magazine was slimmer back then. Before 1997, the swimsuit issue was just a regular issue of Sports Illustrated, with sports stories and everything, that had a swimsuit section in the middle.

There are good and bad aspects of this glut of photos. On the downside, I think it contributes to my feeling that truly iconic shots are a thing of the past. One beautiful photo of Natasha Barnard emerging from the ocean might have stuck in the hearts of men a couple decades ago.
But now there are 30 other shots of her, plus a selection of videos, and even photos of her posing with photos of her posing.
Where do you find the unique fantasy shot now?

On the plus side, there is a distinct possibility of encountering new pics of Stacey, 20 years later.
And how could that be bad?


Max Headroom said...

This is one thing that really annoys me, definitely. SI has their Swimsuit Collection pages, but the offerings for the older models are downright pathetic. Just the other day I was checking out Swim Daily and I came across a shot of Elle I had never in my life seen before.

What is SI waiting for?

Anonymous said...

This video was from the swimsuit special that aired on ABC. Watched it again on youtube, and there were several scenes that weren't in the ABC version. Must've been released on tape with extras. Don't remember there being anything new of Stacey though.

Anonymous said...

This Yoga chic is cool too. It's not hard to fall in love with the look but watching her express herself really ramps up the attraction.