Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Natasha Barnard

Natasha, 25 today, made a couple appearances in the swimwear issues of the now-defunct SI South Africa.
She parlayed that into US rookiehood this year.
She might be my favorite 2013 rookie.
(I can’t decide between her and Emily DiDonato.)

By the way, photographer James Macari has some fantastic (and huge) photos from his 2013 shoot with Natasha (and Alyssa, Anne, and Nina) on his site. Check them out—they’re gorgeous. There’s a lot less (or a lot better) retouching on them, so the photos have a darker and more genuine feel.
I really think SI could take a cue from this. If the issue was filled with more candid-feeling shots like these, it could be pretty incredible. Instead, the magazine has taken to sanding away all wrinkles, folds, freckles, goosebumps, etc.—anything that could be seen as a “flaw.” Take a look at this comparison—SI on top, Macari’s personal Tash stash on the bottom.
I feel confident Macari’s image has been tinkered with. But it just feels like a more genuine snapshot. The difference in retouching is most apparent at the top of the chest, but everything (even the shadow contrast) looks more human on the bottom pic. The top one, especially in direct comparison like this, takes us to Uncanny Valley.

Anyhow. Here’s the birthday girl in FHM.

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Anonymous said...

Easily my favourite swimsuit model (besides EmRata) these days. That curvy body, beautiful face, smile, mesmerizing eyes: So incredible, it makes me melt! What a stunning woman!!!