Friday, September 27, 2013

Same Suit, Different Babe

I drew your attention on these pages to the great swimsuit-sharing experiment of 1995.

And later to the recycling of Bar Refaeli’s bikini to Jessica Perez’s body, perhaps as a magic talisman to help Jessica win the 2011 model search.

In 1985, Paulina Porizkova’s shell top also found its way onto Kim Alexis.
(I was amazed to find that Paulina doesn’t sport those shells in the actual magazine—apparently, just in the 1986 wall calendar the following year. I consider it such an iconic Paulina suit.)

In 1990, Ashley Richardson and Rachel Hunter sported what looks like the same shiny, golden one-piece—on the same giant piece of driftwood.
(I discovered Rachel’s pic thanks to photographer Robert Huntzinger’s site, which has some nice swimsuits to browse through.)

In 1991, Stephanie Seymour and Judit Masco both took a liking to this gold bikini.

In 1992, Ashley appeared in one of the weirdest SI photos—I guess her ghost has multiplied itself and is haunting this vineyard?
In any case, several pages later Judit is wearing it at the Salvador Dalí museum.

Also in 1992, Stacey Williams and Shana Zadrick vied for the right to wear this silvery one-piece.

Who can forget this spiderwebby top, shared by Anne V and Bar in 2009?

Julie Henderson and Esti Ginzburg both took this dusty-hued bikini for a spin in 2010.

And the following year, Julie shared this adorable bikini with Hilary Rhoda.

Those are some lucky suits.

EDIT: For a fascinating story of Carol Alt and Christie Brinkley in an inter-magazine swimsuit battle, check out the end of today’s Swim Daily video.


Anonymous said...

Know this comment is way late, but just realized that in the 1992 issue that the suit Kathy wears on the cover is the same suit Paulina wears inside in the shot where she's shot from behind. Never really liked Kathy's cover shot, just because it looks so blurry, and changing the color of the suit to pink. Could've been a nice pic, but there's just too much "noise" in it for me.

Swimsuitologist said...

Ah, this one?

Good eye.

Yeah, that 1992 cover is one of my least favorites. Awkward pose, awkward motion. Kathy's other covers were better, but unfortunately none of them blow me away. She deserved something more perfect/iconic!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Kathy's covers were all pretty lacking. I remember reading back in 89 that the editor of the magazine said the anniversary cover couldn't be as sexy as Elle's in 88, so that kinda explains the rather demure cover. 92 was a mess. And 94 - having 3 girls on the cover just limits the options. And I'm not sure how pregnant she was at that point.

If only they could've done topless covers in 84 like they do basically every year now. The lace bikini pic of Kathy that year still might be my all time favorite pic in an issue.