Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kenza, But Not Really

I poked around online looking to see what Kenza Fourati was up to these days. I found this collection of photos for Marie Jo lingerie. At first, I thought they were mislabeled—this woman doesn’t resemble Kenza at all.
But I think it’s actually her, perhaps Photoshopped beyond recognition.
My fascination with Kenza is documented in these pages. Her face is not your typical, symmetrical, glamour-puss of a face. That’s precisely what I find so attractive about her. But in these photos, it looks like someone has tried to digitally make her resemble Catherine Zeta-Jones or someone. It’s disappointing.
Anyway, Photoshop is my theory. I suppose makeup, camera angles, even plastic surgery could have contributed. Or maybe it’s not actually Kenza—though you can see a resemblance in the eyes.

In any case, here are some lovely lingerie shots with her Kenza-ness kept intact.
Also, a few years ago, she was part of this ad campaign for BLK DNM. Kenza is Tunisian, and this power pose was in support of the Tunisian Revolution. I’m not sure what jeans have to do with Tunisia, but I’m a fan of the image.
This BLK DNM blog has some Kenza photos as well. (It’s a Tumblr, so the pages are probably in constant flux, but poke around if you’re interested.) She’s sporting a pair of snug, shiny jeans in a lot of the photos, which, man, trips a lot of triggers for me. Kind of heart-stopping.
Thanks for your contributions, Kenza!

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