Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hannah Lisa, Hannah Lisa Men Have Named You

For some reason, Hannah Ferguson has inspired more caricatures than most models I've found. Here's a sampling.

(I'll move roughly from the worst to the best.)

We'll start with these:
They are stills from a piece of 3D animation.
While the technology is impressive, I don't think it looks like Hannah specifically. If it hadn't been labeled as such, I wouldn't have guessed.

This is also the first of three caricatures that portray her in her Cheryl Tiegs bodypaint.

Here's another:
Clearly, some artistic talent is involved, as well as some vaguely humorous commentary on breasts. But the face is just irresponsibly frightening... How do you get there from here?

This one is a competent drawing...
...but not one I'd ever recognize as Hannah.

Same with this one:
Well drawn, but not a great likeness.

This one is maybe a little closer, but still a miss.
I think it's difficult to caricature beautiful women. It's an art form that thrives on ugliness, so it's tough to distort and parody a human face while still portraying it as attractive. Hence, all the squishing of Hannah's gorgeous face.

This one is a pretty beautiful drawing:
Not instantly recognizable, but definitely better at capturing subtleties. Here's the original that the artist worked from:

This one is nice.
I like the smudgy, impressionistic style of it. It also helps that I love the dress she's wearing for inspiration.

This one is gorgeous, with some amazing lighting effects.

And finally this one, one last fishnet drawing (complete with fish):
I think this one captures her wide, elfin eyes without resorting to shaping her entire skull like a t-square (like some of the above ones). It also captures her thin, narrow nose while maintaining its cuteness.

I can't think of a better muse than Hannah. I hope a whole new batch of inspiration arrives in February.

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