Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Day Devoted Two Piece

Apparently it's National Bikini Day, and who am I to turn that down as an opportunity to showcase some of the finest bikinis in the 2017 issue?


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I like most of these pics more than what was published in the magazine. Can't understand how that one of Lais didn't make the cut. Unless the actual magazine just doesn't matter much anymore.

Swimsuitologist said...

Yeah, I'm guessing it's all about web and apps now. The paper magazine seems like a quaint vestigial artifact. I wonder if they'll do away with it entirely someday. (Only real loss would be a "cover reveal," I guess.)

Interesting to think back to when the magazine was the only thing. Now it's almost like, "Oh yeah, this exists in print too."

The last physical issue I bought was 2006, not counting the 2010 issue that came with a free SI subscription.