Friday, September 30, 2011

Heart: Racing

The big news the other day was that a game called "Need For Speed: The Run" is going to feature a digital Chrissy Teigen and Irina Shayk, along with "mild suggestive themes."The plot: You have to drive really fast across the country to something something. And Chrissy and Irina are friends who race against you.

This makes Chrissy and Irina absolutely the first and second and third SI models to appear in a "Need For Speed" video game.

Josie Maran did the honors for "Need For Speed: Most Wanted," playing "Mia Townsend," the character who guides you through the game. Or something. I'm not a gamer.But I get Josie and Irina. They look like badass video game chicks.Chrissy is a little too cute and innocent looking.Maybe Irina does the driving, and Chrissy flicks you off in traffic and then tweets about you.

Anyway, what's lost in all this is that there's a girl who's made the opposite leap, from racecar driver to swimsuit model. Danica Patrick doesn't do much for me personally, but her second appearance, in 2009, yielded some nice shots.

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