Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Melissas Enter. One Melissa Leaves.

In 2008, we were presented with two remarkably similar models. Each had long, dark hair and a deep, sultry look and a sleekly solid build.

Each was named Melissa.Melissa Baker (left) and Melissa Haro (right). They could be each other’s soap opera twins—the good girl gone bad and the bad girl gone good. A yin and yang of hot brunette.They seem so alike, I almost suspect a clerical error; two statuesque, raven-tressed Melissas were accidentally entered into the database at the same time. They were even born one month and one day apart in 1987 (Haro on September 5, Baker on October 6).Clearly, only one could survive.

Haro went on to pose again in 2009.And Baker was entered into the record books as a one-hit wonder.

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