Sunday, March 4, 2012

Your 2012 Rookies

Voting for Rookie of the Year ends on March 12. At the moment, it looks like Nina Agdal is in the lead, followed by a tie between Jessica Perez and Michelle Vawer. I can't decide my favorite; it's a very nice crop this year.

In any case, like last year, I thought I'd try to place each rookie in some kind of mathematical/historical context.

Take Roshumba Williams and add Damaris Lewis's eyes, and you end up with Adaora.Early Kathy Ireland plus a touch of Kim Alexis gives you Nina Agdal.Two parts Isabeli Fontana and one part Alyssa Miller gives you Crystal Renn.Alicia Hall fortified with a nice dose of Valeria Mazza gives you Michelle Vawer.Tyra Banks with Josie Maran's face results in Kirby Griffin.Ingrid Seynhaeve with a splash of early Brooklyn Decker gives you Jessica Perez.Jessica's photos might be my overall favorites, but she already won a popular vote last year, so it might be time to give another girl a chance. I will say that Michelle is intoxicating, thanks to smooth and lovely shots like this one:

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