Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bar Tab

Apparently Bar Refaeli is one of the investors behind an Israeli iPhone app called “MyCheck.” It lets you pay your restaurant bill from your phone without waiting for the waiter to bring you the check.

She stars in this bizarre commercial.

First of all, it’s about a half hour long. I speak no Hebrew, but the plot seems to be that Bar asks for her check…
…and the waiter stalls because he likes having her in the restaurant.
(This is all sung, by the way.)

Bar seems to get more and more annoyed at having to wait, even shedding a few tears.
But finally, she stands and announces that she has the MyCheck app on her phone and therefore is not beholden to the waiter after all.
Then things get weird. The last shot shows the waiter leading a drugged and disoriented Bar into the back room, where he is keeping several bound-and-gagged women. He begins sharpening a knife.
Is he going to eat her? Fire up a Bar-becue and serve her to his other customers? Is it a Sweeney Todd mini-operetta?

The ad has caused some controversy, and the English version removes the serial kidnapper/killer/cannibal subplot.

Let’s cleanse the palate with another Bar commercial for another Bar venture, under.me. It’s her underwear line, and she plays tennis while modeling it.
In any case, good luck with your venture, Bar. And be careful.

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