Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Clean Fun

Janine Berey tweeted this the other day.
Shower time indeed! Seems like a good excuse for some SI models in showers, a theme that pops up surprisingly often. Some of my favorites:
Dominique Piek, 2010

Jessica White, 2008

Yamila Diaz, 2005

Oluchi Onweagba, 2005

Veronica Varekova, 2002

Fernanda Tavares, 2001

Aya Thorgren, 1994

Vendela, 1994

Paulina Porizkova, 1986

That’s odd. Paulina doesn’t seem to have very good aim. The shower maybe grazes her scalp and her left ankle, but otherwise the spray is completely missing her body.

That’s because the original image in the magazine looked like this:
Both versions of the image float around the internet. I’m not sure who made the little boy disappear, if it was an official edit by SI or someone who just didn’t want him messing up the view.

In any case, I wonder if it occurred to him (after he hit puberty) what an honor it was.

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