Saturday, November 3, 2012

One-Hit Wonder: Jeisa Chiminazzo, 2008

I was very optimistic about Jeisa.
I thought she was gorgeous.
And with a nice pedigree: Her “best friend” was SI swimsuit veteran Ana Beatriz Barros.
So I thought she’d have a nice, long, bikiniful career with the swimsuit issue.

My first indication that something was wrong came with the 2009 desk calendar. Jeisa appeared in exactly one photo out of the 52 weeks’ worth. It was a pic she shared with Ana, and not a great one. Jeisa’s beautiful face is washed out, almost beyond recognition.
(To put it in perspective, Danica Patrick had three photos in the same calendar.)
Something told me that if SI valued Jeisa enough to bring her back to the magazine in 2009, they’d have featured her a bit more prominently. Sure enough, February 2009 arrived with no Chiminazzo in sight.

So we’ll have to make do with her 2008 appearance.
And the occasional sweet non-SI photo.

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Publicola said...

Jeisa looks to be a slight woman. And I see on Wiki they say she's successful on the runway. I'm not surprised she wasn't brought back. I don't want to think about how much weight she'd have to lose to transition from swimsuits back to the runway.