Thursday, June 27, 2013

50 Greatest Swimsuit Models, #20-11

The countdown continues. I keep reshuffling these before I post them, and I’m already starting a mental list of women I’ve left off but maybe shouldn’t have.

Any guesses on SI’s official top ten? I have a feeling Ms. Upton will be up top. You gotta keep playing your winning hand.

20: Veronica Varekova

19: Jessica Van Der Steen

18: Ashley Richardson
I have neglected Ashley on this blog. That must end soon. The woman is constructed entirely of curves. (Happy birthday Ashley, by the way.)

17: Valeria Mazza

16: Chandra North

15: Carol Alt
Magnificent. Dark hair, blue eyes, sleek body.

14: Josie Maran
I've sung the praises of her seductiveness. There's something highly erotic about her.

13: Daniela Pestova

12: Kate Upton
Her Antarctica shoot bumped her higher on this list than she would have been before. I can't resist anymore—I’m a fan.

11: Jessica Gomes
Her northern fluctuations have calmed down a little, and she takes her place among my very favorites.


Anonymous said...

With all do respect, you could post 50 pictures of Ashley Richardson & you'd still be safe!

Swimsuitologist said...

Love it.