Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One-Piece Wednesday: Ashley Richardson

Ashley Richardson Appreciation Week continues.

In an age when thigh gaps are scrutinized, rib cages are shrink-wrapped, and models themselves write of the dangerous body imagery the modeling industry is putting forth, it’s lovely to look back on such a woman as Ashley.
Ashley was a lush continent of sex: hills and valleys and winding paths. She was built for one-piece swimsuits. They clung to her, accentuating every square inch.
She’s proof that more fabric doesn’t necessarily mean less sexy. A bikini can hang there like a picture frame, stay where you put it. But on a curvy body like Ashley’s, a one-piece contracts and expands, encasing and embracing and enhancing into sheer, shapely loveliness.
The phrase “va-va-voom” applies to a physique like Ashley’s. You need curves to inspire a “va-va-voom.”

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