Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Planner Week, Part 2

From 1990 to 1996, each week of the desk calendars featured a little pithy/punny comment on that week’s photo, courtesy of Jule Campbell. While looking through them, I noticed that Jule used the exact same caption in 1994 and 1996, right down to the model:

“Ingrid gets a leg up.” (5/23/94, 1/1/96)
There are only so many little puns you can make on the subject of swimsuit models (believe me, I know), so there’s bound to be some repeated sentiments. In consecutive years, she gets a little rhymeful and refers to Estelle Lefebure as “la belle Estelle.”

6/24/90: “La belle Estelle in jungle camouflage.”
3/17/91: “Pink suits la belle Estelle.”

Here are a few more.

5/2/93: “Angie thinks she’s being shadowed.”
6/17/96: “Rebecca is sure she’s being shadowed.”

8/1/93: “Angie plays all the angles.”
8/26/96: “Judit’s got all the angles.”

12/5/94: “Amber on the rocks.”
9/9/96: “Daniela on the rocks.”

9/8/91: “Judit’s tickled pink and isn’t telling.”
12/30/96: “Rebecca is tickled pink.”

11/18/90: “Elle takes the bow.”
4/21/91: “Kathy takes the bow.”

More all week (since I'm sure you find this as fascinating as I do).

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