Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let’s Call It a Draw

For the second time, Swim Daily has featured the drawings of comic book artist and swimsuit model aficionado Howard Shum.

(Here’s the first installment.)

They’re nice drawings—cool style, clean lines—but for the most part they don’t look particularly like the models. They’re just kind of generic hot girls.

For example, without cheating, can you tell who these SI models are?*
Maybe that’s not the point of these—maybe they’re not supposed to be actual caricatures. But there are some good SI model caricatures out there that I’ve stumbled across from time to time.

This is a great Brooklyn Decker drawing by a Mexico-based artist who goes by “VADELATE” on DeviantArt:

Pixar story artist Bobby Rubio seems particularly obsessed with Kate Upton. Here she is in her Sobe staring contest ad:

…and doing the harlem shake with Michelle Jenneke:

…and, for some reason, the cat daddy with Yo Gabba Gabba! characters:

There used to be a drawing message board called The Drawing Board where artists would periodically give themselves assignments of drawing beautiful women. I believe that is where I first saw this Jessica Gomes by Michael Birkhofer:

And this is a lovely Irina Shayk by Serge Birault, who apparently didn’t even know who she was and just selected the model for his “sexy woman” needs:
• • •
Tangentially related is the curious case of Greg Land, a comic book artist who has come under no small amount of ridicule for the amount of tracing and ripping-off he seems to do. Of interest to this blog are this picture of Black Canary, clearly swiped from this exquisite 1996 Valeria Mazza photo:

…and this Sojourn cover, clearly a “flip horizontal” tracing of Yamila Diaz’s 2002 cover:

*In order, Bar Refaeli, Brooklyn Decker, Jessica Hart, Marisa Miller.

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