Monday, March 10, 2014

Those We Lost: Adaora

Normally, I’d be putting together a “That’s the Way the Rookie Crumbles” post, listing the rookies from 2013 who didn’t make it back for the 2014 issue. However, Kate, Natasha, Hannah, and Emily all came back.

So inspired by the Oscars, I thought I’d make this week an “in memoriam” reel, listing those models who graced the pages for two or more years, but did not return in 2014.

Adaora took a long path to the swimsuit issue. She competed in the 2005 model search reality show, but didn’t appear until 7 years later. She’s gorgeous—I love her enormous, almond-shaped eyes.

And she’s African American, which unfortunately is still a rarity in the swimsuit issue. Sometimes it seems like there are only so many slots available to them… For example, two black models made their debuts in 2009: Ariel Meredith and Damaris Lewis. Then Ariel disappeared and Damaris stuck around for 2010 and 2011. Then when Ariel returned in 2012, Damaris disappeared.

But Adaora’s two years were beautiful. She never seemed to be a breakout star, but she quietly put out a few dozen excellent shots.

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