Monday, June 30, 2014

One-Hit Wonder: Carla Maria, 2002

This gorgeous model was only in a single issue.

While poking around online for info about her, I found this slide show from Entertainment Weekly of a 2002 SI launch party. There’s a bit of a mental disconnect when you see some of the suits on the wrong models.

Shakara Ledard’s coffee bean bikini…
…is clearly where it belongs: on Shakara, on the right.
But Carla, on the left, is wearing a flowery top that clearly belongs to Ana Beatriz Barros. And Marisa Miller is wearing Daniela Pestova’s lime bikini.

Later in that slide show, Bridget Hall…
…is wearing Heidi Klum’s money suit.

It’s another variation on “Same Suit, Different Babe,” one that was lying hidden online for 12 years.

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Anonymous said...

Carla Maria is probably the most anonymous SI model that I can think of. Pretty much impossible to find anything else she ever did.