Monday, October 27, 2014

FOX News Can Kiss Chrissy's Lovely Bottom

Here's the thing. I don't think Chrissy's tweet was made with the best instincts. The timing was off. And I take issue with her insistence that it's "not a joke," something she insisted more than once.
Of course it's a joke. It's a standard joke template that's been floating around for years.


I think it's disingenuous to claim that it's not a joke.

A dark joke. A serious joke. A joke with a legitimate message, yes. But undoubtedly a joke.
Unfortunately, "It's your fault if you don't get it" is the standard go-to defense of someone who has just made a troublesome joke on a sensitive topic without fully anticipating the blowback.
However, I like Chrissy. I like her Twitter persona. I also am positive she didn't make that joke to belittle the tragedy, but to point out how one of the worst murders to happen all year in Canada is essentially something we've more or less come to expect on a nauseatingly regular basis in the U.S.

Furthermore, I hate Chrissy's haters. She bears the brunt of some of the most vile and vicious online attacks of any celebrity I pay attention to. Her political views, her non-political jokes, her photos, her marriage, it's all open to merciless online bullshit. And it comes from all directions. Half of them will say she's ugly. The other half will say she should stick to being pretty.

By the way, I also have a big problem with the dismissive claim that celebrities shouldn't weigh in on serious topics, but rather "stick to [acting/singing/modeling/etc]." Funny how no one says that when the celebrity says something they agree with.
So that brings us to the FOX News clip. That network is so skilled at manufacturing outrage that it isn't surprising that they latched on to this. (Though, to be honest, they were actually more subdued that I would have expected.) But when Andrea Tantaros says, "Chrissy Teigen is known for, obviously, her lovely bottom and her food Instagram pictures. She should stick to that," it's hypocritical coming from a network that's perfectly happy to trot out Ted Nugent or Donald Trump or whatever flag-waving blonde country western singer just released a freedom ballad this week.

Anyway, not sure why I'm getting so political on my bikini blog. I guess a lot of things I'm interested in are converging here: humor and its uses, the fetid political atmosphere in this country, my general distaste for how badly Chrissy gets treated by her online enemies, and (of course) lovely bottoms.

So Andrea and the rest of you blow-dried talking heads, pucker up.
 Oh, and you should definitely make Chrissy's chipotle marinade. It's awesome.

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