Friday, October 24, 2014

Sea, Legs

I for one did not know that an SI swimsuit model went on to marry loathsome man-toddler Donald Trump. But as Swim Daily pointed out yesterday, 2000 one-hit wonder Melania Knauss did just that.
The accompanying photo shows her embracing a bloated sea-creature, which, it turns out, was sadly prophetic.

Anyway, she looks good. And it makes a nice lead-in to another “Animals and Swimsuits” post. Enjoy our girls with dolphins, sharks, fish, and other sea life.


Max Headroom said...

That would be an exceptional picture of Jessica if her bottoms were different.

BTW, I am missing Julie so bad.

Swimsuitologist said...

Hahaha, yeah those "I couldn't decide between bikini bottoms or Daisy Dukes" are disorienting.

Julie's absence from SI would be easier to bear if she were more active elsewhere. Most SI girls do lingerie/swimwear/fashion in other places, but Julie doesn't pop up very often.

Max Headroom said...

I've been wishing for Julie in underwear for awhile. Bikinis and other swimwear are sexy, but they don't have that extra umph that lingerie does.

Anonymous said...

Who is the model holding the fish up on her hands? Jessica Gomez?

Swimsuitologist said...

Yep, that's Jessica Gomes from 2014. It's amazing how often she appears with animals in the swimsuit issue.