Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One-Piece Wednesday: Stacey Williams, 1994

47 today.

You may have noticed that this blog has been primarily birthdays, Topless Tuesdays and One-Piece Wednesdays lately. Not much in the way of news or trivia.

Truth be told, I’m kind of dragging. I have always wanted this blog to contain some sort of (lighthearted) analysis, instead of just photos. But my well is pretty dry.

I’m going to wrap this thing up on June 1, the five-year mark of the first post. A half a decade is longer than any rational person would have thought they could devote a blog to this topic, so I feel I’ve done a good job with the concept.

I’m going to try to let the 2016 swimsuit issue happen to me organically. Unlike the last few years, this year I’m not planning to scour Bellazon and other sites for clues as to who’s in, who’s out, and who the rookies will be. Who knows, I may even stop visiting Swim Daily so much. Maybe it will be like the old days, when I wasn’t even sure when the magazine was coming out. Then all of a sudden, bam—a bunch of new photos on the newsstand.

Anyway, here’s a bonus Stacey one-piece from 1996.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you're letting this go, although it's understandable. It was great to find someone else that enjoyed the issue as much as I do, and not just for the T&A factor. Not many other people out there would understand what I would mean if I said something like, "Back when Jule was in charge...."

Hope you enjoy the extra time you'll be having lol. And thanks for all the enjoyment over the years.

Max Headroom said...

Bummer. I've enjoyed reading your stuff and commenting now and then.

Is the blog going to remain up or do I need to spend a day going through and saving all of the pictures of those I like that you've shared over the years?

Do you have any rare pictures of Julie tucked away that you could get posted before the end?

Good luck!

Swimsuitologist said...

Hey--Thanks a lot for the kind words! They mean a lot. One of the nice things about doing this was finding out that other people were interested.

And yes, the blog will stay up--I have no plans to take it down, so browse at your leisure.

And if I stumble across any Julie photos that aren't readily available elsewhere, I'll definitely share them!

Thanks again.