Monday, April 20, 2015

Swingsuit Issue

Swimsuit models in hammocks. Why not?

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UPDATE, 5/20/18

I've been in a Myla Dalbesio mood, so I thought I'd update this three-year-old post with a hammock pic of her from the 2018 issue. (I also added her to my birds post.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe they didn't use it because Tyra is too much in the shadow, but I prefer that pic with Ingrid to the solo one they used of Ingrid on the inside cover.

Of course I'm realizing I'm old now since it just occurred to me that it's almost 20 years since Ingrid was in SI for the last time. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

How about the classic photo of Paulina Porizkova in the hammock?

Swimsuitologist said...

1) Yes, the (very recent) revelation that Tyra was hiding just off screen was a lot of fun.

2) Re: Paulina, are you thinking of the 1986 pic where she's in the blue one-piece with the fish design? I thought about it, but I believe that's fisherman's netting she's resting in. Let me know if it's a different one.

Anonymous said...

This is a poor version of it:

Swimsuitologist said...

Aha, that's from a Paulina swimsuit calendar. 1989, if this site is accurate:

I had this on my wall when I was a kid.