Sunday, February 21, 2016

In Memoriam

Farewell to the five non-rookies who did not return for 2016.

Emily Ratajkowsi
I was surprised she came back for a second year, so I’m not surprised she didn’t reappear for 2016. She was always good for some sexy shots. But something ineffable kept her from “feeling” like an SI girl to me.

• • •

Sara Sampaio
This one hurts. Sara was easily one of my favorite models from the last two years. Beautiful eyes, magnificent body. Her time is over way too soon. I hope against hope SI isn’t done with her permanently; it’s rare but not unheard of for a model to take a year or two off, then return.

• • •

Ariel Meredith
For example: Ariel first appeared in 2009, then returned in 2012. I thought she had a great run, with 2012 and 2014 especially yielding some of my favorite pictures from the last few years.

• • •

Genevieve Morton
She was one of the longest-serving models and had become a reliable staple. She had a fun, kewpie doll presence she brought to the magazine, and it almost feels incomplete without her.

• • •

Jessica Gomes
Jessica spent some time as my favorite model in SI. She gave us eight magnificent years, and the swimsuit issue has a Gomes-shaped hole in it.


Anonymous said...

Sara seemed like she would have a long run with SI, but I'm thinking the Victoria's Secret gig kept her away this year. Speaking of VS, I'm surprised SI let Lily only wear VS swimsuits this year. Makes Lily's shoot more of a VS advertisement than an SI editorial.

I was hoping Jess would keep going, although 8 years is one of the great runs in the magazine. It's amazing how she toned up after the 2011 shoot, where I thought she didn't look her best. Her last few years I think were her best work for the magazine.

Swimsuitologist said...

Well, as a consolation prize, Sara is equally breathtaking in Victoria's Secret. Sure would like to lure her back to SI though.

I agree with everything you say about Jessica Gomes. Those last four years were pretty great.

Anonymous said...

I loved Emily's beautiful bare breasts in the "Blurred Lines" video. Perfect, round, and high with perfect-circle aureoles. But the video somehow wasn't that sexy despite all of that. And you're right, in her SI stuff, she just doesn't look like she's into it, or like she's having fun. She's not that sexy a model in her personality.

Jessica Gomes I will always remember for the stunning bodypaint shots in, I think, her first issue. I doubt if any woman in history has had her breasts more exquisitely and intricately decorated. They were so super-firm that it was possible to do that; I'm sure the bodypaint artists reminisce about that to this day. And they had these fascinating *peaks* on top, around and under the aureoles. That shot where she was bending over at the waist, with the boobs hanging down, it was like this is the shape that bras are designed to give, and she has it naturally.

I guess you can tell I'm into breasts, lol.