Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Headless Body in Topless Photo

An interesting trend I noticed this year is headless bodies.

(Wait, that sounded morbid.)

Generally in SI pics, even though the focus is clearly on a model’s body, her face is at least in the frame. Or if not her face, at least the back of her head as she gazes off at a distant volcano or something. The exceptions are the “boobcam”/“buttcam” preview shots that the crew sends out all year:
Kate Bock on the boobcam.

Irina Shayk on the buttcam.

…and every once in a blue moon a pic like this one of Heidi Klum.

But several models are featured in 2016 where we couldn’t apprise the eye makeup or hair styling even if we wanted to.

We get the torsos of Hailey Clauson, Hannah Ferguson, and Sofia Resing:

The butts of Chanel Iman, Hannah Ferguson, and Lily Aldridge:

And the, um, Zanzibar of Chrissy Teigen:

I’m torn, because of my usual need to imagine that the swimsuit issue is at least partly about faces and personalities and individuals, not just bodies. On the other hand, these are some great bodies.

• • •

Speaking of Sofia, I think she’s my Rookie of the Year. A gorgeous and vivacious Brazilian. Watch her videos and try not to fall in love with her.

• • •

As for the model search: Can we please keep all six of the entrants?

If not, my preferences are the breathtaking Caroline Kelley and Ebonee Davis.

Caroline gives great hammock.

And I love how Ebonee decided to channel Jarah Mariano:

• • •

Looking from the future to the past, Elle Macpherson got the inaugural Jule Campbell Award. This calls for a massive collection of high-quality, never-before-seen photos of her, right?

I miss when Swim Daily was a regular source of newly unearthed pics and fun writing. Lately it’s just been snake-eating-its-tail links back to the current year’s photos with the occasional tidbit of gossip or upcoming TV appearances. Kelsey Hendrix? Xandria James? Whoever’s on staff over there? I would be happy to wade through all your Elle photos, if you’d just let me in that vault.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! Still haven't gotten my actual issue yet, but excited to see a post here about it. From what I can speak of, I'd love at least 4 of the model search girls to come back. Ebonee has an awesome body, and lord knows there could be a little more diversity in the issue, but my favorite has turned out to be Megan. But Caroline and Daniela definitely deserve to be back as well.

And I was thinking the other week of how swimdaily has totally divorced itself from anything not this decade. I loved when they had the diaries from Carol and other classics. There's 50 years of material to put out there! You should send a resume lol.

Swimsuitologist said...

Dream job!