Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Occasionally, SI will publish a candid photo of a model getting surprised by a rogue wave. In particular, a photo like this would appear every couple of years in the desk calendars from the 90s. (When you have 52 weeks to fill, you might as well throw in some comic relief.)

There’s something funny about seeing a beautiful, swimsuit-clad woman, who a second ago was surely looking quite composed and sultry, suddenly overcome with a split second of panic. It’s about the unluckiest thing I can think of to show happening to these girls.

Rachel Hunter, 1990 (from the 1991 desk calendar)

Angie Everhart, 1992 (from the 1993 desk calendar)

Amber Smith, 1993 (from the 1994 desk calendar)

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Publicola said...

Thank you for that awesome pic of Rachel, truly one of my favorites.