Monday, July 23, 2012

Show Us Your Tats

Niki Taylor is getting some tattoos removed, in particular this one on her arm.
"I am removing it because it is stopping me from getting some work I think," she says, adding that the removal is more painful than childbirth.

Lots of other SI models have had tattoos removed, though in a much less painful way—good old-fashioned airbrushing. While Stephanie Seymour’s right-ankle tattoo (which she got sometime between her 1989 and 1991 appearances) remains visible in one or two photos:
Happy 44th birthday to Stephanie, by the way.

…well-inked models like Jessica White and Cintia Dicker have their tattoos mysteriously disappear:
In 1999, curiously, Sarah O’Hare’s shoulder slashes did not appear in the printed magazine, but did appear in the online photos.
And Amber Smith’s bikini-girl leg tattoo, so very visible in non-SI photos…
…was obliterated in print:

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Publicola said...

Aside from my aversion to ink, I've always been a little surprised so many models get tattoos, marring what is their main source of their income.

As for Niki, whatever gets her more work, I'm all for it. She's always been one of my personal favorites.