Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One-Hit Wonder: Louise Forsling (1998)

Something really appealed to me about Louise, in her desolate Ecuadorian landscape. This was the straight-up sexiest photo of her in the 1998 issue:
But there’s something so endearing, almost goofy about her.
That huge toothy grin.
She seems so guileless. Here she is, posing for one of the most prestigious publications a model can snag for herself, and it looks like she’s doing it as a lark. It’s like you convinced your girlfriend to pose on vacation.

“Hey Louise! Pretend you’re in the swimsuit issue!”

“Yeah, right!”

“Come on! Make love to the camera.”

A bit of trivia: She sued Estée Lauder last year for artificially aging her photo for an ad.

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