Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book It

Brooklyn Decker Fans tweeted this preview pic for "50 Years of Beautiful":
Great previously unseen shots from Christie’s 1979 cover!

This which led me to realize that the cover and a sizable preview are now up on Amazon. (Love the cover-bikini!)
“Click to look inside” the book. Not the bikini top.
Looks like a pretty beautiful, in-depth volume. I’m especially looking forward to all the alternate shots. Some months ago, I stumbled upon this alt fishnet shot of Cheryl TiegsI don’t even remember whereand wondered if we’d ever see a stash of high-quality alts from this shoot. We’ll see some in this book.
The preview is very heavy on post-2000 photos, but I hope they spend a good amount of time on earlier stuff.

Looking forward to October!

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