Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top 50 Postmortem

Some observations:
First of all, I was wrong in my initial prediction that SI would stack the top ten with current models, and in my hunch that Kate Upton would be #1. In fact, Kate (at #3) was the only top-ten girl who’s currently active in SI.

We also agreed that Elle Macpherson is #1. I was glad to see that.

All in all, 33 models appeared on SI’s list and my list. I had 17 that SI didn’t have, and they had 17 that I didn’t have.

What’s that? You’d like to see that in a Venn diagram? I’ll see what I can do.
My circle’s on the left. SI’s is on the right.
Some other stats…

One-Hit Wonders
Me: 4 (Kenza Fourati, Kim Cloutier, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Lucia Dvorska)
SI: 1 (Babette March)

Me: 22
SI: 26
(All of mine were on theirs, plus four models in bold who were just on SI’s)
Elle Heidi Paulina Rebecca Petra Christie Cheryl Elsa Kate Daniela Carol Valeria Ashley Veronica Marisa Bar Irina Brooklyn Tyra Kathy Yamila Rachel Babette Judit Carolyn Vendela

Current Models (appeared in the 2013 issue)
Me: 6
SI: 9
We agreed on Julie Henderson, Jessica Gomes, Kate Upton, Irina Shayk, and Anne V. I included Ariel Meredith, SI opted for Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal, Cintia Dicker, and Genevieve Morton.

This Tidbit from Christie Brinkley
On her choice for all-time top swimsuit model: “I think you should ask your readers not us. But if you ask my son he’ll tell you in a nano second … Kate Upton!”

It must be awkward to be a swimsuit model mom with a teenage son, and a teenage son with a swimsuit model mom.

She would have a hard time telling her son to take down those cheesecake photos from his bedroom walls when she herself was a subject of said cheesecake some thirty years earlier.

And his brain has some tiptoeing to do as well.
Ogle this SI covergirl in a white bikini!

DO NOT ogle this SI covergirl in a white bikini!

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Max Headroom said...

I've seens some articles recently about how Christie's second daughter, Sailor, has made the physical transition from girl-child to woman-child over the last year. And now she's done some modeling with her mom. I'm curious to see if she becomes Christie 2.0 in the coming years.

I would definitely be messed up if my mom was Christie Brinkley and my sister was starting to look exactly like Mom.