Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ariel and Areolae

So I’ve been making my way through the bikini avalanche, and I think 2014 is an excellent issue. There’s definitely less obnoxious Photoshopping involved. To demonstrate, I turn—as I so often do—to Ariel Meredith’s butt.

On the left is a shot from 2013. On the right is one from this year.
The difference is apparent. Last year’s butt has been rendered smooth and plastic, like a mannequin’s. But this year, there are goosebumps, textures, signs that this is actual human skin.

This is true throughout the issue. There’s more creasing and puckering in the skin, more color variation in the faces, even signs of the thin, light hair that covers a normal human body. The overall effect is apparent—SI has made an effort to veer away from Uncanny Valley, and it’s great to see.

Also, check out Natasha:
I suppose since they have literal Barbie photos in this issue, the irony became too unwieldy. No more disconcerting nipple-lessness.

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