Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gigi Hadid Is Freaking Adorable

That's about all the coherent language I have at the moment.
My chest is awash in the glow that comes when you submerge yourself in a sea of beautiful women.

The issue is live online, and the interface is pretty intense. I think the theme is "What Pinterest Will Look Like in Five Years"; a lot of bells and whistles, animation, pop-up captions, etc.

But the photos look great.

A dozen vets vs. a dozen rookies, and a quick scan of the photos is very promising.

Seems there's a lot more variety than in recent years with regards to angles, proportions, etc of the models and where they are in the frames.

It also seems like the Photoshopping may have been tamped down a little, which is good news for everyone.

I've glanced at some zero-gravity photos and video of Kate, and even that looks like a more successful experiment than I feared.

And I can already see a beautiful array of sweet one-piece suits, which is wonderful news for me.

Enjoy. In the meantime, happy Topless Tuesday from Gigi.


Max Headroom said...

Finally got the site work, had to disable my ad blocker. I was afraid. A couple of first impressions.

1. I am Sad Panda that Julie did not make it this year. But a new obsession is quite possible. Look at these girls!

And 2. big thumbs to SI for taking the airbrushing down a few notches. I've only scrolled through a couple of the girls so far, but all of the pictures look good.

Swimsuitologist said...

Yeah, I had an dawning feeling we weren't going to see any new Julie photos. I'll keep her torch alive in my heart though. Maybe a nice retrospective is in order.

Pandesia World said...

pretty hot babe