Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bonus One-Piece Wednesday: Michaela Bercu, 1990

Yesterday, in the comments, someone asked me if I had any SI photos handy of Israeli model Michaela Bercu.

She only appeared in the 1990 issue, and she didn't appear much. She's got one degree of separation from Ashley Richardson in a group shot or two, but not much else.

But she has a couple very nice shots in the subsequent 1991 desk calendar. I'm a sucker for a blonde in a red one-piece, so I'm enthralled by this one.
But I have to say, I actually like the pose and angle a bit more in this behind-the-scenes shot, which appeared just a few weeks later in the same calendar.
Here's a closeup. It's hard not to like it.
Thanks, anonymous commenter, for bringing her up for a revisit, and for providing a break from the 2014 rut I've found myself in!

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Thank you :)