Monday, April 7, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski’s Guitar Pickini

Once again, the bodypainting section of the swimsuit issue recreated shots from previous years. Last year, it was covers. This year, they delved inside the issues in search of suits that represented the five decades.

Just like in 2011, all the painted girls were rookies.

I thought I might spend the week looking at them in reverse chronological order (which will line up nicely with Topless Tuesday and One-Piece Wednesday).
The suit painted on to Emily is one that I neglected to include in my “Same Suit, Different Babe” post from last September. In 2007, this guitar pick bikini was draped over the lovely bodies of both Irina Shayk and Bar Refaeli.
(Though if you look closely, and I have, you’ll see that Irina’s top is a little different from Bar’s. The picks in Bar’s have white markings, while the ones in Irina’s have red.)

And you can also find Marisa Miller wearing it, though I’m not sure if she wore it in the issue. The only photo I could find is this cover of Ocean Drive magazine. (That Ocean Drive is also from 2007, so my assumption is that the photo is from SI.)
Irina Shayk is still an active SI model, meaning this is the first time the original girl is in the same issue as a throwback recreation of her own shoot.

In fact, Bar and Marisa join Irina in the 50th Anniversary “Legends” section. So there are four pickini models in the same issue.
In my opinion, Emily's bodypaint shots are her best photos in the issue. She pulls it off nicely.

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