Monday, March 2, 2015

That’s the Way the Rookie Crumbles 2015

With a whopping twelve rookies introduced in 2014, someone had to slip away in 2015. I am actually surprised at how many did stick around. Seven: more than half of them.

We lost the entire Netherlands subcommittee: Bregje, Marloes, and Valerie. I expected at least one of them to stick around. Marloes was the swimsuit-model-lookingest girl of the bunch. And Bregje had those eyes. (And that one-piece.)

The most surprising return for me was Samantha Hoopes. Sexy, obviously. But she seemed like very straightforward blonde-with-big-boobs, if that makes sense. (Though I suppose “blonde with big boobs” never hurt anyone’s chances in the swimsuit issue.)

Samantha has a pretty 2015, by the way.

I also thought Emily Ratajkowski was going to completely distance herself from SI, but she’s back.

I’m sad to lose Cris, but I believe she had a baby. And Lauren had loads of potential, in my opinion.

In any case, we now have seven rookies to watch. My predictions, from most likely to least likely to return:

1) Kelly (would probably be #2 if she hadn’t just gotten ROTY)
2) Hailey
3) Rose
4) Erin
5) Robyn
6) Solveig
7) Ashley

We’ll find out in a year!

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Anonymous said...

It's always sad when my favorite rookies don't make it back. I think Cris' body was phenomenal. Hopefully she's back for next year. Lauren was the other one I really liked. Amazing body. And those eyes!!!

Samantha I could've done without. Never been a fan of SI models with implants, especially ones so obvious and misshapen. But I'll admit she had some decent pics this year. I'm sure she'll be around for a few years, whether I like her or not. Lol.

Swimsuitologist said...

Heck, Samantha is the girl up there in my March banner. I can't be too down on her.

Really, I am of the opinion that all the girls are beautiful. I've never liked when people say this model or that one is "ugly."

We are talking about swimsuit models, after all. I have ones I am head-over-heels for and ones I'm less excited about. But we're dealing with a very narrow range of attractiveness, from "way hot" to "not quite as hot but still hot."

I'd love to see Cris back. I hope she hasn't left modeling behind. You're right, she was gorgeous.