Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Myla Minute

I honestly thought the issue would be out by now. Turns out the cover model will be revealed tonight.

However, they’re revealing a bit of content every hour today leading up to it.

One piece of content: An essay on feminism and its relation to the swimsuit issue, written by beautiful rookie Myla Dalbesio.

It’s pretty interesting, and I love seeing her bare her soul about her conflicting assumptions and how she ended up where she is. She went from a dark fascination with pinup imagery to resentment to eye-rolling to a sense of sexual freedom. I like hearing, directly from the models, that this can all be positive and fun and sexy and non-exploitative.

But sometimes you’re a dimwit on Facebook who has an idiotic knee-jerk reaction to the word “feminist.”

Look. If you’re a guy who feels your masculinity is threatened by the feminism of a woman WHO POSES FOR BIKINI PICS IN SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, you are ridiculous beyond words.

Anyway, welcome aboard, Myla! I’m looking forward to more.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Myla looks hot! A modern day Ashley Richardson as far as body goes. And a good mind to go with it!