Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rookie One-Piece Wednesday

Seven rookies, listed from my most favorite to least.

Lais Ribeiro
Yep, she’s still my favorite. Still flawless.

Kelly Gale
And Kelly remains directly behind Lais. Sultry AF. Bring her back.

Myla Dalbesio
I love her body, and her photos have a lot of fun to them. I’d like to see more.

Vita Sidorkina
I didn’t expect to like her as much as I do. I thought she’d be too much of a pale blonde ice queen, but hey, I’m not immune to blondes in bikinis I guess. There’s a certain mischief to her photos.

Bianca Balti
Rookie of the Year, so she’s probably a lock for next year. There’s something classic and timeless about her, like a 1960s beauty. But I can’t seem to get entirely swept up with her.

Danielle Herrington
She had some nice, striking photos this year, but I’d predict her as least likely to return next year.

Mia Kang
She doesn’t have any one-piece suits this year, so let’s go the opposite: some strategically placed doilies.
 Though here’s a barely-one-piece suit from her model search photos last year.
I think I’d prefer any of the other models from last year’s search. Mia’s hot, but I find myself contemplating what might have been.

Last year, I was a Caroline or Ebonee guy. But now I think my favorite girl would have been Daniela Lopez.
Gorgeous, yes, but let’s call out the main point. She has perhaps the most magnificent ass to ever grace the pages of the swimsuit issue.
I wouldn’t have minded 30 or so new photos of her.

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