Saturday, June 3, 2017

Scanti-Lui Clad

So France recently had a better election than we did.

I think they also have a better girlie magazine of record.

Lui was founded to be France’s answer to Playboy. They’ve attracted a bevy of A-listers to disrobe, including quite a few girls who had been in SI or soon would be.

The earliest SI girl I could find was my very own Stacey Williams. Her December 1990 issue came out over a year before her Sports Illustrated debut.

No nudity, but some beautiful black and white pics of her getting tattoos on some of my favorite parts of her.

I have a feeling these are fake tattoos, because I don’t think I ever saw one in her subsequent SI photos. However, if you like butt tattoos…

• • •

…the first Lui issue after a long hiatus (September 2013) brought us Isabeli Fontana with a papillon on her derriere.

Longtime readers may recognize some of these June 2014 shots from when I confused Isabeli with Izabel a couple years ago. But for completist’s sake, they are worth revisiting here.

Refresher: This is Isabeli Fontana.

This is Izabel Goulart.

Isabeli and Lui must have quite a crush on each other, as she also makes appearances in July of 2014:

…December/January of 2015-2016:

…and September of 2016:

• • •

The July/August 2014 issue was a cornucopia of my favorite recent swimsuit issue girls. It brought us Emily DiDonato:

…Sara Sampaio:

…and Lais Ribeiro:

Lais also shows up in September 2016:

• • •

Laetitia Casta does what she does best in December/January of 2014/2015: represent France and look hot doing it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pics of Stacey. Have never seen them before. Miss that woman.

Swimsuitologist said...

She's in peak form in those photos.

There are a few more from Lui if you scroll down a bit at this link:

An all-time favorite.